Thursday, May 08, 2008

You'll Have to Forgive Me...

Here are things I've been doing instead of blogging, in the order that I did them since I last blogged a week ago.

  1. Entertained out-of-the-country houseguests who arrived with 3 hours notice.
  2. Ran a 4-H meeting.
  3. Dealt with significant emotional fallout from 4-H meeting. (What? You mean you don't leave 4-H crying?)
  4. Helped run a modest homeschooling convention.
  5. Selected and bought all of next year's curriculum.
  6. Bought now-4 yo's gifts the day of his birthday.
  7. Baked a very cool ice cream cone cake for the birthday, also that day.
  8. Planned and shopped for a family barbecue, also that day.
  9. Took guests on a whirlwind tour of Seattle as well as a whirlwind tour of parenting a large family (fighting preschoolers, vomiting children, ya know).
  10. Came home feeling achy and discovered my temperature was over 102.
  11. Took guests shopping and out to lunch--they're expat Americans, so they need things that can't be bought abroad like deodorant, ranch dressing, and cheap clothing.
  12. Selected and bought dd a new carseat because I literally couldn't squeeze her into her old one. Guess I put that one off a bit long.
  13. Cleaned guest rooms. Then,
  14. Collapsed and subsequently found that my fever was up to 104. But that's okay, it came down to 101 with Tylenol.
  15. Scraped together a full dinner from Mexican lunch leftovers and a package of corn tortillas.
  16. Woke up to find my upper respiratory problems had turned into full blown pneumonia. Took a Tylenol and sat in a steamy bathroom for a spell.
  17. Bought a sewing machine, as well as all the expensive crap needed to make a Shakespearean costume which must be done by tomorrow at eleven.
  18. Ordered a cake for now-4yo's "kid" party tomorrow. If you're a friend wondering why I didn't invite you, it's probably because you have all girls.
  19. Called around to announce I will not be at co-op tomorrow.
  20. Explained to concerned friends that I am NOT going to see a doctor because they always want to either put me on anti-biotics (for viral pneumonia... makes sense) or put me in the hospital. Neither of which will get me better any faster, and I have costumes to sew, parties to run, thank you very much...

So that just leaves taking one kid to cooking club, another to soccer, cleaning the entire house, sewing the Elizabethan costume, picking up cake, making treat bags, setting up healthy snack trays, getting 12yo to and from play practice, running the party, and somehow still making sure that nothing falls apart except the Thomas the Tank Engine pinata. And then I can blog.

Did I mention there's also a company party through dh's work this Saturday? And that as one of the bosses' wives, I must be there with impeccable children and a thoughtful gift for his retiring secretary? Another blog.


Author said...

Well...Since you bought the sowing machine...and I know your not that busy...I need a pig costume by next week. Wanna Help? LOL!!!! Take Care Sweetie and get well soon. Sending you Chicken Soup thoughts and a big hug!

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