Thursday, May 15, 2008


What is up with the freebie world lately?

As most of you know, I add new freebies to the Freebie Section of my website every day. Usually I check out what's out there through message boards, then narrow down the long list to just the really cool ones. It usually comes to between ten and fifteen a day. Lately, I'm having trouble finding ten, and that's posting whatever legitimate deals I find without holding out for the really big ones.

Usually I send for all the freebies, even the stuff I can't use. I know a lot of people, so I doubt I'll have trouble getting rid of, say, dog food. But how many religious books can someone have? And I have a freezer-sized ziploc bursting at the seams from all of my little skincare tubes--should I hold off on ordering more? Because it's all face cream and religious literature lately.