Monday, May 12, 2008

The Joy of Sewing

I should have seen it coming. Like an out of control semi with the horn blaring. Danger, danger! Or in Yakima, cuidado!

Whether we're shopping at Nordstrom, Target, or Goodwill, my 5 yo daughter is all about fashion. Even in odd places like science museums and theme parks, the child spends her day sniffing out a good t-shirt. Disneyland was like a colorful mall to her, a big one with a few interesting rides and shows between the racks of Princess apparel. You don't have to be a Nobel Prize winner to realize that this child should never, ever be allowed in a fabric store.

But I was sick. And on codeine cough syrup. Plus Tylenol, and Tylenol really dopes me up. My 12 year old needed a costume and I just don't feel comfortable letting the cats babysit my kindergartener.

At first my daughter was a little puzzled: why are there sheets hanging everywhere? Then she saw the books of patterns and it all started coming together. Later, as she watched me sew Tyler's Shakespearean costume, she asked if I could make her a skirt. She described what sounded like a simple peasant skirt with tiers. Sure, why not?

So we returned to the store for a pattern and material, and the girl started going crazy. I barely escaped with just the supplies to make three skirts, and she was already planning the fourth. Don't forget matching tops, dresses, hats, frilly pajamas, and maybe some matching items for her dolls.

"We are going to start sewing *all* of my clothes," the child announced to the measuring/cutting lady, who of course encouraged this.

Her next phrase will be: "I never wear prêt-à-porter." Maybe ended with dah-ling. Because my little fashionista is simply too stylish for the off-the-rack choices the rest of us are limited to.


Hanlie said...

I love your blog! I arrived here via Entrecard and have added you to my google reader. I too believe in organic living and homeschooling (when I can get my hormones balanced enough to actually coax babies out of my antique body). I live in South Africa, but will be visiting relatives in the Yakima area in June! I've been there before and loved it!