Tuesday, May 13, 2008

My New Least Favorite Era...

...is the Elizabethan era. Because their clothing was horrendously difficult to make.

Honestly, did William Shakepeare have one of those nifty doo-hickeys that punches eyelets into his doublet? And if not, how the $%^* did he get them in his vest, because I can't do them with every tool sold by Sears. Every inch of the doublet has some sort of complicated trim, which I guess is why the pattern doesn't say "easy" on the front like every other pattern I buy. And I just have to wonder how women who worked all day in fields and didn't have sharp scissors much less a sewing machine programmed to do 140 different stitches managed to pull together entire Elizabethan wardrobes for their huge pre-contraception families.