Wednesday, May 14, 2008

My Green Election

Green is the issue this year, especially among the presidential candidates. Each has their unique plan for saving the planet or at least our little patch of it. Each plan sounds equally inefficient and unrealistic, and completely out of touch with the lives of everyday Americans.

I know I say this every election, but this time I really mean it: Is that the best they can do?

Of all the sensitive, intelligent, socially-minded people in our country, these are the best three? Really?

I won't go into the specifics of why I consider each candidate an absolutely terrible choice for president, just to avoid offending the one or two people who actually have a favorite and not a 'least-worst-choice'.

We have to get the politics out of politics. Here's an idea: Let's start a Blog Party. We can pick the smartest bloggers, hold a primary to choose the best one, and then run them using net-only advertising.

Why net-only? Because this year, one of my top pet peeves is that people who claim they want to save the planet feel like hopping all over the globe on fuel guzzling planes is the way to do it. It's such an obviously bad idea that I immediately lose respect for anyone who has it.

My advice to the candidates: hold a net-only election. Stop the trips to podunk towns that don't care about you and are really just touched that someone would pause in their neck of the woods. Quit the rallies--you know you're preaching to the choir, right? That only people who already love you would go to your rally in the first place? Save the time, save the money, and for heaven's sake stop flooding my mailbox with pleas for donations. Stick with TV commercials and webvertisement. That's all most Americans have time for, anyway.


Author said...

I nominate you for President and Mrs. Hannigan for Vice President. You can take turns depending on who got the most sleep the night before. Now there is a ticket I would vote for.