Monday, May 19, 2008

Half-@ssed Environmentalism

I truly believe it will save the world, and here's why:

My parents live in a tiny home powered by solar panels, reuse their bath water to nourish their organic garden, and always have the latest green gadget. They are devout Buddhists, so minimalism is their thang. It's ironic that minimalism requires so much expensive stuff, but that's a subject for another blog.

Minimalism is NOT my thang. And I can't scrape up the cash for solar panels or electric ATVs or any of the nifty stuff Mom has. Nor do I seem to find time and energy for the more hard core green practices I hear about, like raising organic turkeys or bicycling the ninety blocks into town with four kids in tow.

This probably sounds like all of my readers. Middle class Americans are a time and money strapped bunch, or at least we think we are. So should we give up? Unfortunately, many people think so.

I advocate a middle ground that I like to call "half-assed environmentalism." That is, I do what I can, when I can, to the extent that I can. I hang out laundry... when it's warm. I use cloth diapers... when we're at home and I'm not behind on laundry. I cook organic, vegetarian meals... unless we're craving cheeseburgers. This summer we'll be trying out the bus... sometimes.

If you do a half-assed job of conserving only half the time, you'll cut back your carbon footprint by a quarter. If you do a really great job half the time, you'll be cutting back by about half. If, like me, you do a half-assed job one-third of the time, a great job another third, and lapse into wastefulness the rest of the time... well, you'll have to ask a homeschooler to do the math because I'm too tired, but you get the idea. It all makes a difference.

So let's get out there and show the world the power of mediocrity! Together, we can conquer the planet! Or at least part of it! Or maybe just France because they have great wine and cheese!

Mmmm, cheese.


A said...

I totally agree...every little bit counts...not matter how often. We too have embraced "half-@ssed enviromentalism"

Emileesings said...

I wasn't talking to Alec G. I don't talk to alec G....he kinda freaks me