Monday, May 19, 2008

Hanging Out Laundry

Spring has finally arrived here in Yakima, with a showy display of flowering trees and sunny days. Don't you love it when your laundry smells like flowers when you bring it in off the line?

You aren't hanging out your laundry, you say?

Here's all you need: a long, thin rope, and a bag of clothespins. These supplies can be found for less than $5--I buy my clothespins at the dollar store, in fact.

The instructions are simple: string the rope between two trees, posts, whatever, and hang your laundry on it.

The only issue I can think off is that hung out laundry can get "crunchy" and stiff. You can remedy this by pouring a small splash of vinegar in the rinse water. For jeans, socks, towels, and other garments that (in my opinion) must be soft, I take them off the line just before they are dry and finish them in the tumble dryer.

If you miss that almost-dry time, just throw a damp dishtowel in the dryer with them.

Unless you have money to spare, an ultra-clean source of energy, and a planet that isn't struggling from the negative effects of civilization, you should be hanging out the laundry when weather allows.

If you actually have that clean, happy planet, let me know and I'll come live with you. I'll earn my keep by hanging out your laundry.