Thursday, May 22, 2008

New Project: Food Fallacies

I have to hope that people truly want to save money on their grocery bill, but this hasn't been my actual experience. On the contrary, many people hold up their expensive bills like badges of honor. With food prices rising, more people seem ready to be aggressive about cutting their bills, but I still will not post a blog about saving on groceries (yet) and here's why:

I can give people tools and list concrete actions that together will likely cut their bill in half, but if they are not ready in their mind to really make changes, they will respond with excuses. Over the years, I have repeatedly heard the same excuses-even used a few of them myself.

So here's the plan: I will dedicate one blog every day to food fallacies, and when I have addressed all the crappy excuses, we can move on to the nuts and bolts of how I feed my household of seven a healthy, balanced diet for $100 a week or less.

Have you heard a food fallacy lately? Or do you think you can stump me with your really, really good reason to blow your budget on food? Email me at and I'll make sure to add yours to the list.