Thursday, July 10, 2008

They Still Suck...

I was talking to a few mommy friends today and somehow our doctors came up.

(because the other mommies all have the same first name, I'll just call them A, B, and C)

"I don't know what's up with my doctor," said Mommy A. "I have to call and call and call just to get a routine appointment. And the office staff is so freakin' rude."

"Mine too," said Mommy B. "And they arbitrarily changed my doctor, then made me call eight thousand times to change back."

"My doctor's office is frustrating like that," I told them. "And I've told the doctor about it, and he's like (nonchalant shrug)."

"I still think I win," said Mommy A. "When I call on Mondays to make an appointment, they tell me to call back next Monday. Ad infinitum."

"Mine, too! But even though it's only 8:01, they tell me the doctor's full and that I have to call back next week because they only schedule two weeks ahead starting Monday. But if that's true, how can they be full on Monday morning at 8:01?"

This was starting to sound familiar. "Where do you guys go?"

"CWFM." But they said the actual practice. Name withheld to protect the guilty.

All of us are dealing with the same drama at the same practice, except for Mommy C, who doesn't see doctors at all because she's sick of this shizz. And I'm totally with her on that, except that my kids keep getting these emergency illnesses.

Why is it so hard to find sensibly run medical care in this town? It's not like I am a charity case; I'm paying cash here and I just want to see a doctor without stroking out from frustration. I'm polite, courteous, and when I worked, I was careful not to give people the run-around and subject them to a lot of arbitrary garbage. I want the same in return, thank you. And when those receptionists and schedulers are gigantic jerks, I smile and speak calmly, even when my eyes are filling up with tears because I feel so powerless and exasperated by the whole convoluted process. I mean, they are withholding health care from an infant FOR NO GOOD REASON and I keep my polite, inside voice.

That should count for something.

A few friends of mine see Dr. B., who is supposedly "mmkay" (that's a quote) although "her waiting room looks like a crackhead convention and I sit there wondering if I'm the only pregnant chick in Yakima who's over fifteen and has all their teeth" (another quote, word for word).

I always think I'm the only one at CWFM who speaks English as a first language. Although, I can't be, because Mommies A and B go there.

What do you guys think? Is a cool doctor worth the crappy treatment from his underlings?


A said...

Hard question...if the doctor is really worth mine and my families suffering then yes I would deal but the doctor would have to be very good (top of his field) if I'm going to deal with that.

I would rather have an average doctor with a staff that is at least pleasant. There have even been times in the past I have driven to another city because I couldn't handle how the local doctors and their offices are.

I'm on the wrong side of the mountains but if I hear of any good drs on your side I will let you know.

Wish you the best in dealing with all this.

Anonymous said...

Whine, piss, moan, whine. You know the rules, here in America: if you don't like the service, take your business elsewhere.

I know the practice, and at 8:27 you are probably the 200th person calling needing an appointment with her doctor and only her doctor immediately in a practice where all of the doctors teach and do hospital call and OB call and on and on and on.

Imagine how those "minimum wage" workers must feel, hearing this crap from you as you sit at home feeding your children organic butter cakes, typing on your macbook pros, leading you oh-so-proper 'green' and pc lives.

Keep bitchin-they fire people like you from the practice all the time-for treating their staff badly. There are plenty of people looking for quality health care in this town to take your place.


Emily the Great and Terrible said...

I agree about taking my business elsewhere. I was actually planning on doing so when the practice decided to change policies.

I have never been abusive or even mildly impolite to one of the workers. I know how shitty their jobs are. I've had shitty jobs. Lots of them. They could slap me and I would still not act abusive. I'm allowed to bitch on my own blog, right?

lol at the mac book comment. I'm not your average yuppie. I don't know why organic food and living a green, PC life would make me less needy of medical care when my kids can't breath. But you are absolutely entitled to your opinion.

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