Sunday, July 20, 2008

MacGuyver Monday

From now on, Mondays at this blog are going to be MacGuyver Mondays, dedicated to creative and extreme reuse of materials.

This week's topic is plastic shopping bags. We all use cloth around here, right? But sometimes you stop in at a store and forget them in the car, or have a jerky clerk, or whatever. You get home with a ton of plastic, and throwing it away just seems wrong. Here are a few re-use options.

1. Save it for a garage sale.
2. Slip it into your diaper bag for a used diaper.
3. Cut into smaller pieces and use to wrap sandwiches (you'll need tape).
4. Take the bag back to the store the next time you go, and have them put your groceries in it once more.
5. Make clothing and purses. omg, did you see the octopus bag on that site? I am soooo making one.
6. Use as mini-trash bags for cleaning out litter boxes and other messes you want contained.
7. Crochet into a doormat.
8. Your idea here... just leave it in the comments.

If you have no use whatsoever for a plastic bag, you absolutely can have clerks put your groceries straight back into the cart, a la Costco.


Lisa Russell said...

I like how she says "all kinds of rad things" we have to try that. minus the arm-marks, what was that? I wanna make an octopus bag, thank you for sharing that.