Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Just Call Me Mrs. Brady...

There was a time when Mrs. Hannigan was the only other blogger I knew.

I love blogs. It's the ultimate multi-tasking tool; I can keep a journal, give advice, maintain a huge social network, disseminate information and gossip about my household, even make money... all in one small entry a day.

Mrs. Hannigan loves to blog, too, so much that it's contagious. Literally. Blogging is now the rage in our little mommy circle. If you don't get a clear picture of Central Washington homeschool families from us, you can check out Mrs. Pevensie, Mrs. March, and about eight others whose blog names don't immediately come to mind. Yep, they are all 'Mrs', too.

Mrs. Hannigan seems to have started some sort of literary-mom-alias fad as well. Personally, I'd be a little annoyed if my friends chose Blue Mommy, Red Mommy, Green Mommy, Chartreuse Mommy (etc) for blogger names, but she is used to being a trendsetter. After all, I've been copying her by cloth diapering, and soon I'll be copying her by starting a co-op for preschool homeschoolers.

Which got me to thinking--blended families are under-represented in classical literature. The only mom I could come up with was Mrs. Brady, who isn't a literary figure unless you count this.


Mrs. Pevensie said...

Boy am I glad I didn't pick "Green Mommy". #1 I wouldn't want you mad at me and #2 I would have to "go green" all the way to make it really true. Hardy Har Har!