Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Because I Love to Hear the Sound of My Own Voice!

I was really excited about becoming a Suite101 writer, but I haven’t exactly had a ton of time to write. When I received a notice this Sunday warning me that I had just a few days to fulfill my writing quota for this quarter, I knew it was time to buckle down.

I had eight articles to write. But what could I possibly write about that hasn’t been so… done?

After a lot of deliberation, this is what I came up with:

Breastfeeding for Working Moms (Yes, I did this when my oldest was small.)
Cloth Diapering for Working Moms (Ditto, and I dealt with it as a childcare worker as well)
A Royal Tea Party for Your Favorite Princess
When Your Child Is in the Emergency Room
Organizing Your Preschooler’s Bedroom
Finding Fabulous Freebies
From Frump to Fab in Four Easy Steps

I wrote an article entitled 'When Is Your Child Ready to Wean?' that somehow turned to gobbledy-gook when transferred from Word to the web. It'll be fixed and back up in a few hours and I'll pass on the link then.

I have two older articles as well, one on Morning Routines and one on Childcare for Work-at-Home Mothers. So if you ever find yourself wanting more of Emily Marshall’s opinions in your life, you know where to turn. Those quotas just keep coming, so the articles will too!

I get a lot of hits on my articles, but almost no ad revenue. Anyone know whassup with that and how to fix it?


Lisa Russell said...

I noticed a jump in my $/1000 when I hit 10 and again when I hit 25. They tell me there's another jump when you hit 50 articles. Are they all linked together? being able to click from one article to another will help. If you want to stick with it we can talk IRL. IMHO it's worth it in the long term.