Thursday, July 17, 2008

Things That Don't Suck: My Husband

I am still a little (maybe more than a little) ticked off about the birthday fiasco. In an attempt to just get over it, I am going to post all the things I love about my dh. If life doesn't suck as much as I thought, maybe marriage doesn't either.

1. He likes kids. He doesn't just tolerate them; he really genuinely likes them.

2. He is a hard worker who takes his job very seriously. So far this has meant a relatively comfortable life for all of us, and I am thankful for that as well.

3. He used to be a single dad, which means that he realizes on some level how hard it is to do my job. He may not help or be particularly supportive, but he knows.

4. He has never done anything that might land us on a cheesy talk show, like: cheating, beating me, drunk driving, etc.

5. He only pouts for a few minutes when I tell him he absolutely cannot buy those red leather shoes unless they are a present for his grandfather.

6. He treats my son from a past marriage like his own. Which is not *always* a good thing, but usually is pretty cool.

7. He's good at guy stuff, like pool maintenance, yard care, changing oil, etc. So I don't have to be.
8. He's not a cocky jerk the way many white men are. That is, he doesn't think he is inherently better than women, non-whites, etc. He was my first long-term relationship with someone who was entirely Caucasian, because I am so done with that mentality.

9. He puts up with my environmental mania even though he thinks it's all hoo-ey. He might not want to hang out laundry, make homemade organic cleaners, and garden, but if I want to... whatever.

10. He's amazed by how frugal I am. He brags about it, in fact. He'll let me go on and on about how I got 30 packages of hot dogs for free. And then he'll eat the hot dogs for a week and a half without whining. (Of course, he really likes hot dogs.)


Abbreviated said...

Missed the bday fiasco.

My mom ALWAYS purchased her own birthday presents. I remember the year it was a washer & dryer.