Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Writing Goals

Many of you know that I am a (very) part-time freelance writer. I've been doing this for almost six years now, since my daughter was born and I realized that between her, my older son, and my many stepchildren, I was paying more in daycare and after-school activities than I actually made after taxes. For years, I worked about 30 hours a week, writing mainly copy for local businesses and nonprofits. I had another baby and kept plugging along. Between writing and a few little projects on the side, I earned almost as much as I had while working full-time, and my childcare needs were modest enough that I could trade babysitting with family and friends. Then I moved.

Two years and one more baby later, I am earning in the low to mid three figures a month. Sometimes I get all motivated and hunt down a few jobs, but demands from children, housework, husband, etc., always get the best of me. If you have no concrete goal, it's easy enough to let the month slide by and then be puzzled when you only make $300. Well, enough. May is going to be the month that I cut the crapola and set some goals.

This month I plan to make $1000 writing. I am going to increase my goal every month and hopefully work up enough momentum to make a tangible contribution to the household. I also am setting up a blog dedicated to the freelance writing lifestyle. Hopefully another mommy will be able to learn from my experiences.

If you're hooked on reading about the day-to-day foibles of my life, have no fear. This will still be my main blog.