Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Economic Whatever Checks

Economic Stimulation? Is that what they're called? It sounds like a Jenna Jameson film featuring naughty accountants. Anyway...

Most households are getting these windfalls of money from the US government because we aren't being as stupid as usual and all the businesses that feed on our stupidity are suffering.

But not mine. Not anytime soon at least. Because we don't know the baby's Social Security number, so we filed an extension on our taxes to keep the IRS off our heels while we figure out wtf happened.

For the record, I *know* what happened. When the baby's social security card arrived, I was going to put it in my purse. My husband said not to, because you aren't supposed to carry them around. I carry all of my children's cards in my wallet, and I am surprised at how often I need to show them. Several times a year, more than I have to show my Macy's card and insurance card which are also kept in my wallet.

Dear husband insisted that we file the card and told me to put the envelope on his desk. This made me nervous--if you have seen his desk, you know why. But I did it anyway. I am choosing my battles (pats self on back).

Fast forward six months or so. We are filling out taxes and dear husband asks for the kids' social security cards. I have all of them, except the baby's. He wants to know where the baby's card is.

Uh, that's your domain, Master of the House.

He searches his desk and can't find it. So we file an extension.

Do you know how hard it is to get a Social Security card when you don't know the number? You need complete medical records and the official birth certificate. Ironically, you need a social security card to get that official birth certificate.

I'm sure we'll get this ironed out, although it may require a discussion with various political reps. Whatever. I'm more worried about my economic whatever check. I am totally against this whole government-doling-out-allowance deal, but I have a car payment and medical bills and a houseful of kids that want to visit relatives in Okinawa. I hope they have some sort of provision for late filers.