Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Extra, Extra! Homeschooled Children Not Antisocial Freaks After All, Says US Department of Education

Just kidding. They would never publicize that, or their whole anti-homeschooling position would be blown out of the water. But here are a few interesting notes from this large government study:

*Homeschooled students are generally white and from large families with at least one parent holding a bachelor's degree or higher. However, homeschooling is developing a growing base in minority communities. Which may be in part because...
*In public schools, there is a significant performance gap between white and black students. In homeschools, there is no difference.
*72% live in urban areas. Now that is a surprise. I would think that more choices in schools equals less homeschooling. Hmmm.

Now if they had found that we were antisocial freaks, or that the kids were suffering academically, that would have merited space on the website.


lislyn66 said...

Emmie, you are one of my heros. I have no patience for home schooling and being a single mom of 4 with 3 girls still in school, a sophomore, 6th grader and 3rd grader, it would really be hard to homeschool. I think you have done and continue to do an amazing job. Nothing about the "freaks" of homeschooling ever popped into my mind when I knew you homeschooled, your kids are exceptional, they excel. You should be proud of not only them but you!