Tuesday, April 08, 2008

What I'm doing to save the world this week...

I'm greenifying my laundry.

We do a lot of laundry around here, so this one choice can have a huge ecological and economical impact. How am I greenifying it?

1. I'm hanging out all of it. Even though it's cold and this will require doing laundry around the clock seven days a week. I already hang out my laundry, but only as much as weather permits.

2. I'm washing in cold water only. Normally I follow the standard 'cold for darks/warm for lights/hot for whites'.

3. I *may* be making my own laundry soap. I've done it before, and it saves plastic because all of the ingredients come in non-plastic containers, plus there are no additive/fillers/fragrances/frankenchemicals. It's VERY cheap. I'm hoping to find a special 'cold water' formula.

Use me as your guinea pig! I am open to suggestions for next week and the weeks thereafter. Remember the rules: not expensive, not worthy of a CPS report.


Christine said...

We just started hanging our laundry too! I actually was surprosed how fast it dried...thought it would take all day but it only took about 3 hours!

I'm eager to hear about your soap experiment!