Tuesday, April 15, 2008

My Son's Soon-to-Be Broken Heart

Some of you may have heard about my son's girl drama a few months ago. My 12 year old son thought this one particular girl R was cool. SHe likes Harry Potter, science, and all of the nerdy stuff he likes. It wasn't a romantic thing, just the last of those platonic crushes that middle schoolers get. R, however, had a friend M who liked my son. M is more mature than T, the way almost all girls this age are more mature than boys this age.

Anyway. It was a drama because M was clearly competing for T's affection while R and T were oblivious. We spend a lot of time with M's family, so this was a story I watched with interest.

Fast forward a few months. T has officially discovered girls and hormones. He starts spending a lot of time with M and her family. I think, how sweet, they have a crush on each other. But it isn't M that my son is interested in. It's her older sister, E.

I advise him to keep this one to himself. He does, until a few days ago when I am told he poured his heart out on Myspace. Sigh.

T says he likes E because she reads a lot and is smart and quiet. Awww. But E is not interested in boys, and if she was, she has the type of figure that would put her out of my son's league. Way out. I matured a little early, so I can safely predict that E is going to struggle with attention from older guys who assume she is five or even ten years older. Twelve-year-old boys will be completely off the radar. She's a sweet girl who seems kind of oblivious to her charms, and her breaking my little boy's heart will be purely accidental.


Author said...

So does T know that you blogged this? How are M and E taking it?

Lisa Russell said...

M and E know that everything is blog material (except for the video I shot of M having a temper tantrum when I tried to make a 'day in the life' video) and they don't care as long as we don't use our real names. But I'm not pointing it out either. E actually does seem to be interested in a boy named J from singing class but would never say it out loud because M would tell everyone. nothing is sacred here.

Emily the Great and Terrible said...

T knows nothing. M and E were here yesterday and it seemed awkward but not painfully so. I didn't know you read my blog, Hobbette's Mommy. :-)

Emileesings said...

Thanks MOM!!! anyway...I read ALL of your blogs. Jaimie we are taking it fine, I'm relatively confused, and meagan claims she likes T as a friend. Mom, a boy named J???

Emileesings said...

Breaking his heart?
You make it sound so mean!