Thursday, April 10, 2008

Enough about Homeschooling... Let's Talk about Garage Sales

Because I'm having one in 1.4 weeks. Any tips? I am going to advertise in the paper, put up signs, and then just throw everything on tarps in our driveway. I'm thinking about selling everything but furniture for $1 each. Judging from the prices I have seen in my area, this would be a good deal even for the miscellaneous crap one sells at these affairs. I have piles of (too stained or worn to be passed down because the relatives I hand down to are picky) children's clothes, the usual baby paraphernalia, and a melange of unwanted household items. That's all worth about a buck, right?

I doubt I'll make a fortune, but I will finally get to be on the selling side of one of these fine events.