Wednesday, January 16, 2008

This Week's Menus

...are nonexistent.

I realized it was time to clean out my freezer when I could not read the labels on the packages for all the frost. So, every morning I take a package out of the freezer, and that's what we eat for dinner. I'm still buying dairy and produce, but that's all. If I were to make a menu, it would look something like this:

Today: Nondescript red meat roast in rosemary sauce, roasted potatoes, sad-looking veggies from our garden this year or someone else's garden the year before.

Tomorrow: Is-that-chicken-or-just-something-that-tastes-like-it? stew, salad with freezer-burned-bread-turned-croutons.

This is a good way to salvage your grocery budget on weeks like this one, when the sale papers seem to think 5.99/lb hamburger is worth a full-color front page.

Our freezer is huge, so they had better dazzle me next week or it'll be supper roulette, round two.

Saving lots of money for Disneyland!