Friday, January 18, 2008

House Part Two or Three Or Whatever

The wiring is legal and as safe as electric current in your living areas ever is! WAHOO!

We're in the middle of applying for mortgages. An interesting experience because:

a. Banks don't want to talk to me because I'm not a wage earner. Correction, I told them. I *am* a wage earner. My husband pays me (X amount of money, equal to 100% of his take-home pay) for housekeeping and childcare. If you don't believe me, ask him whether he was consulted the last time I went shopping.

They still want him to be the go-to guy for mortgages. But...

b. They don't work weekends or evenings. Of course not! It's a freakin' bank! Hello, Emily?

And I am puzzled because they do prefer giving mortgages to people with jobs, right? If so, why create a system in which aforementioned people with jobs can't have the job AND the mortgage? I suppose he can take time off work (stifling laughter because he balked at taking time off for our daughter's birth last spring).

Supposedly you can apply over the phone and they fax you the papers to sign. Maybe I'll call and talk in a really deep voice, then have them fax the papers to my husband's office. And if he's out, like he usually is, his secretary can sign for him and fax them back.

Isn't that easy now?