Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Get Organized!

It's what I'm doing! Want to join me?

First, a confession. I'm already a very organized person. How can I not be, with a large family, homeschooling, and this insane need to do everything myself? We're good at getting everyday chores done, but every home needs an occasional going-through, and there's no time like now.

Last week the boys and I tore apart and re-arranged their bedroom. This week I'm hitting the girls' room. Children's bedrooms tend to be organizational disasters, and it's easy to convince myself that what we really need is more rubbermaid bins and not less stuff. So my mantra is LESS STUFF. Less to clean, less to store, and less to move when the time comes.

Next will be my room. My husband does not share my love of order, so it can get pretty cluttered in here. If you have any cool, cheap, and earth-friendly organization and/or decoration ideas, let me know.