Wednesday, January 16, 2008

House Update

My husband looked up *the* house on our local assessor's website. It's listed as having two bedrooms.

Which means the other three have been added without permits. Without inspections.

Okay, it's not a deal-breaker, but...

When we go to add on or further improve the house, IF we do, they might make us tear out the un-permitted work and redo it to the house gestapo's spec's.

When we go to sell, IF we decided to sell, we would be selling a two bedroom house with three not-quite-legal bonus rooms.

Who knows what's under those walls? my husband asks.

What do you mean? I ask, answering a question with a question just to be annoying.

Wiring is tricky (he knows this because electrical engineering was his major in college). It could be hunky-dory, or the whole house could go up in flame at any time.

Fear of fire is one of my more rational phobias, which include fish, small airplanes, and suspension bridges.

It's probably fine, he says.

He knows he's won... this round.


Anonymous said...

Emmie, your taxes will be different also with those added rooms. If it is listed as 2 bedrooms and you have everything done with permits, and then fill out the papers as a 5 bedroom....up,up and aways with your property taxes......sorry to throw that kink in there, I know you want this house. Another thought is, if something does go wrong with it, it might cause tension between you and your friend. Friendships are strong, but how strong when something as big as your home is involved. Hey can't you add book nook to that other house?

Emily the Great and Terrible said...

I've thought about the property tax issue. We want a larger house, so I'm prepared to pay Caesar for whatever he demands. Insurance will go up as well.

You're right about the friendship factor; it complicates things. They are moving several hours away, so we won't be seeing them often, but I don't want hard feelings even over long distances.

A blogger pointed out that if we buy this house, my husband will consider anything that goes wrong our fault.

Yes, the mix of business and nonbusiness is making me nervous and we may be backing off.

Lisa Russell said...

also- the interior basement walls have no electrical wiring in them, it's just wood paneling imported from the 70's. And the main support studs haven't been touched, they just added studs (legally spaced) to support the paneling (and drywall- which we've mostly ripped out)

We bought it like 2 yrs ago and it all passed inspection.

Not that I CARE which house you get, as long as you love it. Houses in this neighborhood don't often sit on the market long. I'd like to preserve the happy neighborhood by selling to a pre-screened "good family." I can count 5 homeschooling families within walking distance.

I better do my taxes.