Thursday, June 18, 2009

Life Doesn't Suck Thursday: All Done with Doctor Drama?

Those of you who have followed my blog for a while now have heard probably more than you would like about how much my doctor's practice sucks. Doctor D. is an awesome doctor... once you get past his staff of snarling hyenas. Honestly, if you were going to design a system with the express purpose of denying health care to sick children and adding more distress to a worried mother's life, CWFM would be the place to consult, because they do a world class job of both.

I occasionally *mention* to Doctor D. that I am frustrated with his system. By *mention*, I mean that I bring it up at every opportunity. Anyway, at the last visit, he asked why I had waited so long to bring in a sick child (who ended up in the ER). I told him it wasn't for lack of trying. In fact, I tried for over a week before the problem became worthy of an $800 trip to the nasty, germ-laden ER in the middle of prime swine-flu season. He told me that this was going to change, and soon, because they had hired a new office manager who was re-vamping the scheduling system.


Honestly, would it be inappropriate for me to bring my new hero a bottle of wine or some homemade cookies? I am so excited. Because, this was the appointment where I was going to tell him I could no way see him anymore, great doctor or not. And now, I can avoid being doctor-less in this medically underserved area. Thanks, God.


Unknown said...

About a year ago my sister had surgery on her wrist. about a month ago she started having real bad pain in the same wrist, felt like it did before she had the surgery. She called the doctor who did the surgery and had been seeing her about the wrist and was told he was out of town for the week and there was no one else that could see her! I called back that evening, to chew them a new one for not having someone "On Call" and was told the doctor had been there all day. We ended up taking her to the ER and she saw him the following day. She let him know too.

Is good Doctor office help really that hard to find? I swear the people who work at some doc offices need to work at my place of employment (walgreens) so they can see how lucky they really are!

Emily the Great and Terrible said...

It depends on your area. In Yakima, doctors are scarce enough; good ones come around with roughly the same frequency as the Hale-Bopp comet. So their staff can pretty much act however they want. And they seem to know it.

I personally brave the indignities of a clinic because the only doctor I personally trust happens to work there. Honestly, his staff could beat me with bamboo and I would still come back just because the other options for medical care are so poor.