Sunday, February 24, 2008

What I'm Giving Up to Save the World, Part Two

I can hear the critics: Wow, she already gave up SHOWERING. What's next, clean underwear?

This week, we are going to become vegetarians. I am going to keep dairy to a minimum, but it would be mutiny on board the HMS Marshall if that little carton of Organic Valley disappeared. My kids love soy milk, so I'll buy that for everyday drinking and try to steer them away from the moo juice.

We already eat mostly vegetarian meals. Breakfast and lunch are generally whole grain and fruit/veggie based with a little dairy on the side. Dinner is vegetarian about half the time. So I am hoping to remove meat from our diet (here's the kicker....) without my family realizing it or missing it. There may be some complaining tonight because Sunday dinner is the big meat meal of the week, but I'm hoping to dazzle them with something so sophisticated and fancy that the absence of meat is not so obvious. Menus will be forthcoming, once I have finished them. And I'll let you know next Sunday how this all went over.

How going veg can save the world.