Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Flummoxed by the Flu

I've been busy over the last few days! The flu winding its way through my family has finally made it to my poor 12 year old. On Saturday, he was a little tired; on Sunday he was still tired. Monday, he started vomiting, and now he's a weak, dehydrated mess. I'm confident he will pull through it... but that does't stop me from checking on him every ten minutes throughout the night.

When this nasty virus hit my household, I was in the middle of decluttering. My intention was to get a head start on spring cleaning and get things cleared out for the inevitable move. My linens closet, once a solid wall of material, is now neatly organized and rid of about 75% of its former volume. I gave my tupperware cupboard the same treatment. Now I'm moving onto the small basement room where I stores children's clothing. This room is wall-to-wall hand-me-downs, so call in a rescue team if you don't hear for me in several days!

Although caring for sick children and watching them struggle through the pain of illness is exhausting, it has given me an excuse to skip the endless round of activities that takes up such a huge chunk of my life. I feel lazy, but I'm enjoying the rest while I have it. With spring around the corner, this lull is definitely temporary.


Mariposa said...

Hope he is better now...

Kidazy said...

Hope everyone is feeling better! I just did an overhaul on my kitchen and threw out so much junk so I can definitely sympathize with the early spring cleaning messes!