Thursday, February 21, 2008

Politics as Usual

With the election approaching, I'm amassing my personal list of relatively unbiased sources of information. Traditional media venues have proven repeatedly that they do not deserve a place on that list. A new place I found is They are simply a search site for other organization's articles, but I like that I can search blogs and videos as well as the less trustworthy traditional venues.

On the front page of the site right now is a link to an article titled, "When Penny Pinching Becomes Unethical". (You know what's unethical? Spending money on non-necessities when you are in debt. I don't care if you're an individual or a first world nation with the highest GDP in the planet--it's just wrong. But I digress.) The forums are dead right now, but me and one good friend could change that, and even without our intervention, I expect things will pick up as November looms larger on the horizon. Right now we're all paused wondering whether Clinton can overtake Obama (no, I am not watching tonight's debate, because Hillary makes me nauseous and I get really ticked off when she suggests that only "experienced" career politicians can run a government that was founded by farmers to be BY THE PEOPLE.... oops, I digress again) and how it can possibly be that John McCain is the best the Republicans could scrape up. Once we have two clear candidates, it will be ON and I predict this site will be swamped with posters.

btw, to set a few ground rules for upcoming eight months. I do not consider a person's political persuasion to be a statement of their character. The modern parties are so similar to each other in how they actually govern that it's like hating someone because they are a Raiders fan. So if you don't hold my particular breed of political insanity against me, I'll be sure to smile and nod politely when you display your own lunacy. Handshake? Pinky swear?