Tuesday, March 18, 2008

What I'm Giving Up to Save the Planet Next Week

We all know what we can and should be doing to lower our carbon load, so why are we still wasteful beasts? Because we are afraid to make changes that may be uncomfortable without knowing in advance how they will impact our daily lives. If you've ever wondered whether buying without packaging or going auto-free for a week are feasible options, here's your chance to try them out without actually trying them. This is a priceless opportunity to use a fellow blogger as a guinea pig.

Remember how I was doing that cool thing where I was trying new ecofriendly habits by giving up something every week? One week it was showers, another week it was meat... there were a few others, but the whole project got left by the wayside in the medical drama miniseries that has become my life. However I am restarting it! So email me or leave a message here.

The Rules: Nothing requiring a large financial investment or anything that will compromise health or get my children taken away. Etc. Sage Mommy reserves the right to reject ideas.


Anonymous said...

Ok Emmie, I challenge you to go paper free. That means no paper towels, no tissues, no tp, you get the idea. No investment needed, we use organic cotton towels for everything that you would use paper towels for, hankies for the tissues, and the tp...just use an old t-shirt cut up, or my favorite flannel cut into 6 inch squares, no hemming needed it really doesn't fray. What do you think, join me in my way to depend less and less on the gov't and more and more on my own resources.

Emily the Great and Terrible said...

Sure, next week will be paper free then! We're already close, but the tp issue should be interesting. Good for the septic, though. Umm, I think that includes diapers too... oh man. I happen to have a few cloth on hand. We'll see how it goes.

Joyce said...

You're brave! I have gone without all of this except the TP, back when we were really strapped for cash. I just don't think I could give up the TP!!

Anonymous said...

Good for you. Yep good for the septic. Once you try the flannel, you will hate to go back. Just wash the wipes as normal with the cloth diapers, and use them as baby wipes too, the baby will thank you. Just a hint, you can use those little baby washcloths as wipes too. I just wash in warm water, and line dry when I can (15 inches of rain yesterday, and it is still coming). Hope all goes well.