Monday, March 17, 2008

Monday Web Awards

The Cleaning Junkie Award goes to Mom Advice for their awesome spring cleaning lists.

The printable lists are handy, and they are thorough enough that this obsessive list maker doesn't have to add to them. It's like a curriculum with a really great teacher's manual--homeschoolers will feel me on this--sparing me from having to spend more time planning than doing the intended task.

The Just What I Needed At This Precise Moment in My Life Award goes to Freelance Parent. I am focusing more and more on writing, more for a sense of fulfillment than for the (lousy) money. Although, even low pay buys Easter baskets and Hanna Andersson clogs!

The Needlessly Creating Public Panic Because It's a Slow News Day Award goes to The New York Times for their article on rising grocery costs. I have the same grocery budget for my household of seven as I did ten years ago for a household of two. Granted, I have made some budget-friendly changes to my shopping and eating habits, but I think we can call off the alarm for a while. My food prices are downright stagnant compared to my taxes.


Joyce said...

I agree with you about the grocery prices. Adjusted for inflation, they really haven't changed much at all. And there is always room to pare back, in my opinion. We even went with condiments for a while!