Wednesday, March 19, 2008

10 Frugal Things I Have Done Today

Obviously I missed most of NaBloPoMo (ko-so-sho-to-jo or whatever) this month, but I'll post a list anyway.

  1. Dressed in the clothes I wore yesterday.
  2. Drank organic, free trade coffee in my home instead of buying it at a coffee shop.
  3. Cooked homemade whole wheat waffles for breakfast.
  4. Applied for about five house parties at If you're chosen, you get a big box of free stuff, which is like Christmas without the credit card bills.
  5. Left the heat off until a few minutes ago when the house temperatire dropped to a frigid 55 degrees. Um, hello Mother Nature? It's supposed to get warmer during the day, not colder. Now we'll heat our house to a toasty 62.
  6. Decided to skip a few activities today, saving gas and time as well as eliminating the need for a shower.
  7. Dug out scratch paper for my kids' daily art expo.
  8. Cleaned the stove and counters with vinegar and an old rag instead of storebought spray and a sponge.
  9. Hung out a load of laundry.
  10. Evaluated my cloth diapering options for next week, when I will give up all paper products, forcing me to try cloth diapers for a week. I have three cloth diapers, no pins, no plastic covers. That should be enough, right? ;-) I've heard you can use bread bags. We'll see how that goes.

Most of these fall into that sweet spot where frugality and ecology intersect. What everyday habits have you incorporated to keep costs down?


Unknown said...

I skip a meal a day