Friday, September 07, 2007

PETA, stop sending me letters...

Sometimes PETA pisses me off.

I am all for animal rights, but they're just a little too rigid and way too hypocritical.

For instance, they are one of the largest euthanizers of animals in the US, yet they stage protests to prevent local governments from doing the same. They are against animal research although several of their leaders are open about using medications and treatments that require ongoing contributions from our furry friends. They are quite vocally against eating meat, but I doubt they are all vegan. Plus, they keep sending me letters asking for money, which kills trees and adds to my recycling pile.

Their hearts are in the right place; if only their mouths would follow. So I am always looking for a more reasonable animal rights group to support. If you know of one, please tell me.

Until then, what can my family do? Buy cruelty free health and beauty items. Eat less meat and dairy, and make sure it's humanely raised when we must satisfy our omnivore urges. Encourage legislators to regulate, regulate, regulate. And of course, take good care of the non-human residents of our own home.