Thursday, September 20, 2007

Keeping up with the Begley's

Hollywood types are one of my biggest pet peeves, particularly how they like to talk about how wasteful we normal types are even as they consume ten or more times the resources of an average American family. At last, a few exceptions!

Most adults function on the level of junior high schoolers, with celebrities functioning as the popular group. We study them, copy them, and want to be just like them. Civilians had no interest in Humvees until Arnie started driving one--now they are commonplace, a slightly less mundane version of the Suburban. And remember when everyone had that retarded Jennifer Aniston haircut?

We are all going to be in much better shape when conserving becomes as cool as consuming. Imagine the savings in carbon emissions when Paris Hilton is at the top of Best Dressed lists for wearing the same outfit three times--without washing it! Or when Al Gore puts his money where his spokeshole is and ditches the multiple mansions for one adequate dwelling. When Ted Turner sells his private jets and travels in a bought-used electric car. Not only would they be cutting back on their own excessive lifestyles, they would be setting a very public precedent for the rest of America.

I can't name a darn thing you've starred in, but thank you Ed Begley for NOT being a giant freaking hypocrite like most of your cohort.


Lori said...

You should check out Ed Begley in the film "A Mighty Wind". It's a fake documentary (I LOVE fake documentaries!) and he is absolutely hilarious in it. I don't know what else he is in.

I enjoy your blog!

Lori in Iowa

Lori said...