Wednesday, September 26, 2007

DHMO and you

Learn about this toxic chemical here.

This is, of course, a joke. Do you know the punchline already?

The chemical formula for dihydrogen monoxide is 'H2O', also known as water. But nothing on that web page is a lie. Water indeed causes death when inhaled (also known as drowning), and severe burns when in its gaseous state (steam burns). It is a major cause of erosion, storm systems, etc.

Let's keep this in mind when evaluating dangers. We should be cautious, but not rats blindly following the latest Pied Piper.

I found the above site today when looking for information on Splenda. A web-buddy claimed that it is one molecule away from plastic. Technically, every substance in the universe is one molecule away from plastic. Take water and carbon monoxide. One is H2O and the other CO2. Completely different molecules, but still "one molecule away" from each other. This is what we call hyperbole. If someone gives you this argument, they are either high school chemistry drop-outs or trying to deceive you.

This motivated me to investigate Splenda. I don't eat it, so I've never bothered to investigate. I know only that I see the little logo on everything. Could manufacturers be injecting a plasticine poison into every prepared food on the shelf? Sure, especially if we are clamoring for it. They're in this for money, not the karma.

From what I read, the jury is still out on Splenda. I don't know if I personally would eat it. If you are avoiding it, make sure you are basing your decision on fact and not hyperbole.