Thursday, August 30, 2007

America's Greenest Family

ABC/Yahoo has proclaimed this family 'America's Cheapest Family'.

They aren't actually America's cheapest of course. I know many people who make it on less, or have, or will--myself included. The fact that ABC thinks this is news serves as yet more proof that the media is completely out of touch with the realities of middle America.

What is truly remarkable about this family is their attitude. They are really proud of their economy, as they should be. In an age of insane consumer debt, they are happy to live within their modest means. Is that news? Unfortunately, yes.

Sometimes I am embarassed to admit what an unabashed eco-nut I am. Admitting that you do crazy things like hanging out laundry, buying used cars, and growing vegetables brands you at best as a crusty hippie, at worst an ignorant hillbilly. I'm neither. When you add in the fact that we homeschool and have eight children, the needle flips from hippie to Waco-style extremist. But in reality, I'm as moderate and average as the next mommy; I just care. I'm passionate about leaving this planet a cleaner place than I found it. I think it's cool that my household can lead a comfortable, mainstream life while consuming far less than the average American family half our size.

We aren't America's cheapest family, but we just might be America's greenest. And we should be proud of that.


Lorrene said...

How did you figure out how to do this? Why didn't God give me some brains too? I signed up and posted some comments and nothing ever stays where I put it or it seems to have disappeared altogether. Grrrrrrrrrr
I am in Yakima also. Fancy that!!
I am 3 or 4 times older than you are. Just had my 79th Birthday the 24th.

Simon said...

Keeping it green! That family might be America's cheapest family, but I'm definitely the cheapest person in America.

jane doe said...

that's awesome!! more power to ya.. esp with 8 kids. i aspire to be like you - i've been tryin to do more for the environment. i need to learn more tho about being more conservative.. but none the less.. kudos to you and your family!

Wasaski said...

Yes very good video we all should aspire to be a little bit more like that family, thanks for stopping by my blog, and I have checked out the website good ideas and tips there :)