Monday, February 23, 2009

The Unbeatable, Eatable Pet

Who could ever have guessed that livestock flatulence would become a public health issue? Think about this the next time you are enjoying a cheeseburger: cows are one of the least eco-friendly agricultural products. They take immense amounts of space, and are almost singlehandedly causing global warming with their methaneous farts. Even organic, grass fed cattle are culprits.

I like beef and milk as much as the next person, which puts me in a rough position. How can I shovel Mongolian Beef into my mouth without feeling just a little guilty? Miniature cattle just may be a solution to this dilemma.

Miniature cattle are the latest rage among socially conscious farmers. These miniature cows have better "feed conversion" (which means they use less feed per pound of meat) and thus need less space per pound as well. They create less methane gas, which is a major cause of global warming. Plus, they're super cute... which then again may not be a good thing when you consider why they are being bred and raised.


Unknown said...

Hi Emmie. I know the processing of cows in modern day uses a lot of energy and takes a toll on the environment for that reason, but I have a hard time thinking that the same God that created our climate also created Cows and would therefore create a detrimate to our climate by allowing them to pass gas. Unless, I am missing something? Maybe it's fertilizer or feed that is the real problem? I know you have researched this more than me, so help me out here. And a PETA reference is not a real answer. :)

Emily the Great and Terrible said...

I agree that PETA is not by any means a great source, but in this case they are saying what scientists everywhere are saying. Their site was less scientific and more readable than others I found, so I chose it despite my lack of support for the organization itself. Email me if you want more references and I can get them for you.

God did make the cows, but in a reasonable number. We have taken these cows, bred them to be larger and gassier, and then filled our continent with them. We feed them food that is bad for their bodies and gives them a life of gastrointestinal distress before killing them in an inhumane manner that the Bible specifically prohibits. Is that God's plan?

I am all for eating meat in moderation. It has a place in a healthy and ecologically sensible diet. However, beef should be a bit player in your diet, not the leading role that Americans have given it.