Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The C Is Silent.

This is my Bio professor. His name is Jerred Seveyka. We call him just 'Seveyka' behing his back. To his face, I don't call him anything because he doesn't seem like the 'Mr.' type (and he's my age...), but calling him by his first name seems too familiar. So I just raise my hand or walk up to him and wait for him to acknowledge me, which I hope isn't as creepy as it sounds.

This is his blog. Apparently he plays guitar? Cnido-site is a play on words, btw. Very witty for a man who wears white tube socks with black dress shoes and faded jeans. Seriously, though, he's cool, although he'd be cooler if he graded on a modified curve.


I've only read a few posts, but Seveyka has a gift for making boring subjects tolerable. This is a great place for homeschoolers and people who just love coral to find out more about the beautiful briny sea and all the things people are doing to keep these habitats in good shape.