Thursday, June 12, 2008

The Evil Eye is cast over my household.

Gosh darn it, what is it with my kids and illness this year?

I've been up all night with my baby for two nights now. Baby Rachael has had a fever that I can't get below 102, and I can't sleep when my kids are sick. She seems to be in good spirits (when she's not hacking up lung cookies), but at what point should I acquiesce and drag her in to the ER?

While I was contemplating that at 12:30 AM this morning, the phone rang. I picked it up to check the caller ID, because who the heck would call at that hour, and it was my son's father. Tyler, who is visiting his dad in Colorado, decided to take a one stop tour of Denver hospitals. He is having severe abdominal cramps, and after the series of events this spring, we take that shizz seriously.

Several hours and several sleepy awkward ex-husband convo's later, the ER decided that, based on an x-ray, a CT scan, and bloodwork, Tyler must have a stomach flu and sent him home with pain meds. Okay, sure, I've never had pain meds for a flu, but this is my ex's first time being a parent-in-crisis, so I'm not going to nitpick about how he handles it.

But then I received a call from the hospital this morning. Another radiologist looked at the tests and he thinks it's an abdominal obstruction.

We were warned when Ty had his appendicitis incident that a ruptured appendix often requires a few follow up surgeries. Intestines just don't take kindly to intervention. So now we are on the wait-and-see flight pattern--if he gets worse, it's surgery, and if not, we'll call it a flu and leave it there.

While I right this, Rachael is wiping green boogers on my jeans. She smells like an outhouse on a hot day in Juarez... just what we need, a stomach flu along with the upper respiratory issues. Lovely.

Did I mention I have to find peachy-pink ballet tights for my daughter's dance recital by Saturday and there are NONE in town? I may get to see the Tri-Cities after all.

Did I mention I need to fix our CAPE website--still. Yes, I got your email Mrs. Pevensie.

Did I mention I have houseguests as we speak, in laws in town. Yep.



A said...

{{{HUGS}}} Hang in there!

Mrs. Pevensie said...

Um, I'm thinking you can be off the hook for fixing the website for now. I'm glad to know you get my emails though!