Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Blahhh-gs of note

Where does Blogger find their blogs of note? I've always wanted to be one, so I am perpetually frustrated by what seem like random choices. This week it's someone who likes rubber stamping, we all have our hobbies, but honestly, STAMPING? Is there something I'm missing? I have a hard time justifying large chunks of time spent nonproductively. Crocheting and knitting at least create blankets and scarves, and embroidery makes nice presents for hard-to-shop-for relatives or in-laws you want to impress. I guess you could make cards, but how many cards are honestly needed in the average household? And most homemade cards are usually not that cool. Like I am going to swoon and feel so cared for when I open an envelope to find a folded over piece of construction paper with a few stamps on it. I know its the thought that counts, but my thought usually is something like... someone forgot to run to Hallmark this week.

Anyway. I don't generally want to spend my daily 3.6 seconds of free time looking at other people's crafts. I have enough creative friends that the 'crafting' section of my brain is pretty much saturated by the time I get around to blogging.