Saturday, September 06, 2008

Just a Lazy Saturday

So, it's just a lazy Saturday around my house. A day to relax and...

  1. Clean out the entire house. And I mean: The. Entire. House. It's a freakin' pigsty. All of it. Each one of the 3400 square feet. A mess.
  2. Finish a writing job. I just have to revise a sales letter, mainly add a few fake reviews. Ah, the marketing world. Since being in it I believe absolutely nothing. It is all a lie, even Santa Claus.
  3. Make this week's to-do lists.
  4. Fix up the homeschool organization's website.
  5. Figure out what classes I need to take this semester, and how I will pay for them and childcare.
  6. Line up some more writing jobs. See #5.
  7. Plan this week's lessons.
  8. Work on an afghan I am making for my stepdaughter. Several hours into it, my dh walks by and says, "Is that for Alison? She hates that color." Maybe it'll be for someone else.
  9. Play with my website. Do something so it makes money. I have a lot of traffic, but no revenue. I need revenue, see #5.
  10. Buy evening primrose oil and flaxseeds. You see, my hair has been falling out lately (AGAIN) and Dr. Andrew Weil says a lack of certain fatty acids can cause this. I'm willing to try anything. Protein, vitamins, getting off certain hormonal treatments--none of it has worked. He says it may take as long as 6-8 weeks to see an effect. Let's just hope it works faster, because if my hair keeps falling out like this for another month I'll be bald. I wish I could talk to my own doctor about this, but he's busy and I have no insurance anyway.

So that's my lazy, no-stress Saturday. I hope your weekends are similarly relaxing!